World Series Batting Cages


Welcome to the World Series Batting Cages website. We are located at 11155 Woodley Ave in Granada Hills, CA right in the North Center of the San Fernando Valley. Our hours of operation are:


Mon-Fri 11 am – 10 pm
Sat 9 am – 10 pm
Sun 10 am – 9 pm

Closed Major Holidays

World Series Batting Cages

* Awesome cages with extremely accurate pitching machines.
* Great Customer Service by Friendly Attendants
* Excellent value on top of having a good variety of ball speeds.
* 80 mph pitches available here
* Popular speeds like 60 & 70 mph – two cages each (no wait)
* Cages range from 50 to 80 mph
* Some cages have a choice of softball as well.
* Solid Accuracy  – everything pretty close to a strike.
* No wild pitches even with the high speed cages
* Pitches nicely fit in the strike-zone ‘shoebox’
* Rental Bats Available if Needed

10 Baseball Cages (35 mph – 80 mph)
3 Slow Softball (two  12 ft. arc & one 14 ft. arc)
2 Fast Softball (50 + 60 mph)

You’ll Find a Great Value at World Series Batting Cages

One of the BEST things about World Series Batting Cages is the great dollar value.  It’s $3.50 for 25 pitches (not too many, not too few, so you can rest between rounds)… but for every five tokens, you get an extra one for free!

Here at World Series Batting Cages we have plenty of different cages for both the softball and baseball lover. Our location enjoys tons of parking for your added convenience. Never overcrowded unless a team is in practicing. Call ahead for schedules. Attendant will always credit for any jammed balls although rarely happens (hey it’s a machine).

If you expect to come in often, grab our specials and coupon book!

They will save you some bucks!

World Series Batting Cages is a great, inexpensive, fun workout targeting the core and a good way to release any pent up aggression. We have lots of cages varying in pitch and speeds, and your choice between softball and baseball.  Stop by for some great fun.

Hope To See Ya At The Plate Very Soon!